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Do you need a consulting team? Maybe. While the short-term cost of having a consultant can be higher than hiring an employee, the question is whether you would need that new hire for the long run. Careful consideration must be given to the long-term consequences for product support and the need to provide income and benefits to an employee. The benefits of consultants are simple, use them for as much as you want for as long as you need. If they aren’t working out, terminate the contract.

When evaluating a consultant ask some questions: 

Is the work guaranteed in any way?  

Is the business licensed?  

What insurance is carried (General Liability and Errors and Omissions would be normal)? 

Is the software development environment licensed to the company, and what distribution limitations are placed on code created using the environment?  

Some additional considerations related to your long-term goals may be: 

Will the consultant help develop in-house ability to support and extend the work completed? 

Would a long-term support or development relationship be beneficial? 

Practical Physics is happy to work with clients in the way that is most mutually beneficial. 

Services include: 

LabVIEW Design and Implementation 

Automated Test System design and integration 

Material handling systems/mechanical system design 

Existing system diagnostics and recovery (we will work on someone else’s system to get our clients back online) 

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