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Problem Solved


We use LabVIEW and other software packages to provide prototyping, engineering test, and automated test solutions. We have experience in sustaining shipping software and hardware, designing for test, and managing obsolescence. We have deployed LabVIEW based systems worldwide and managed support through secure remote operation.

System Integration

The nature of our business requires that we be able to find the right solution for the task at hand and make it work with the rest of the system components. We have choreographed the use of very diverse discrete electronics to solve complex test problems. Systems have included CAN, RT, FPGA, SPI, USB, PXI, database, serial, discrete digital I/O control, Ethernet time synching, and more.


We can also troubleshoot your existing systems, and in many cases, give you a client a path forward maintaining a legacy system while planning a replacement.

Eddy Current

Practical Physics and DB Engineering were co-developers of the Predator eddy current probe and VMEC instrumentation. We specialize in probe design and software solutions for the eddy current industry with additional experience developing remote field testing solutions – including a water pipeline inspection ROV. 

Since 2003 Practical Physics has provided solutions to a variety of industries including: 

  • Forensic window and door inspection 

  • Material handling of RFID tags 

  • Computer power consumption 

  • Remote Field ROV Nondestructive testing of underground piping 

  • Hydraulic Actuator Testing 

  • Static and dynamic landing gear drop testing  

  • Automated Eddy Current Testing of turbocharger components 

  • 11 – axis protein microscopy and plate hotel system 

  • Medical device testing for startup companies 

  • Multi-site grout injection monitoring for heavy construction 

  • And many more… 

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