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Below are some of the products Practical Physics has either directly developed or has partnered to develop: 

VMEC Eddy Current Instrument

Available through UniWest. A field-proven eddy current instrument in production for over 10 years. Available in 3 formats to serve portable instrument users as well as component test requirements. A great way to get into eddy current inspect with an easy to use interface. The VMEC software can also be operated over TCP/IP to allow easy integration into other systems.

Multi-Axis Inspection System

Multi-Axis Inspection System used for turbocharger component inspection. The system utilizes multiple frequencies to inspect through multiple slices within the part to find cracks and manufacturing defects. The system uses machine vision, motion control, LabVIEW RT, LabVIEW FPGA, LabVIEW, and MySQL. Remote support is also provided.

RFID Tag Handler

System designed to interface to existing client control hardware and software while upgrading to a higher throughput and laser printing. RFID tags are loaded vertically and cycled through programming, testing, and marking. If the test is not successful, the tag is not marked and is cycled to a reject bin.

plate hotel.png
protein microscope.png
Microscope and Plate Hotel

One software package that is utilized across a range of products from a completely manual microscope up to and including a refrigerated 640 plate hotel with integrated microscope, 11 axes of motion, autofocus, drop finding, and MySQL integration.

LabVIEW interface to MySQL

Software that provides an easy to use interface to MySQL. The software is designed to make transitioning from the database toolkit as easy as possible. Raw MySQL commands are supported to unleash the full power of MySQL.

Changelog maker.png
Changelog Generator

Software capable of crawling the entire VI hierarchy, collecting all history entries and arranging the data into an Excel compatible filterable format with headers that list the name, current version, previous version, modification date, modification time, user, and comment.  

LabVIEW .NET Interface to
Imaging Source Cameras

Completely .NET-based interface to The Imaging Source USB cameras. The code implements the IC Imaging Control .NET Component. The example VI allows the user to determine what VCP Properties are available in the camera and find interfaces to be able to manipulate the properties.

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