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LabVIEW, a product of National Instruments, is a high-level graphical programming language based upon data flow diagrams. It allows rapid development of software for a wide variety of applications. It can be used to simply put a GUI on a piece of existing text based code such as C, or an entire application may be developed using LabVIEW. It may be used with GPIB, Ethernet, USB, Serial, IrDA, CANBus, or other interfaces to monitor and control instruments and machinery as well as collect and analyze data. 3 example user interfaces are shown below. The one on the left is a basic user interface. The one on the right includes custom buttons and dynamic loading of graphical content. The bottom image is an example of a custom eddy current data analysis program (click this one to see a larger version).

Practical Physics has experience developing automated test equipment (ATE), remote data acquisition using TCP/IP and a custom designed LabVIEW powered instrument, register level programming for development of LabVIEW drivers, remote motor control via a joystick and TCP/IP, integration of monolithic instruments into ATE systems, custom on-the-fly data analysis, and other applications.

LabVIEW Services

Machine Monitoring & Control

Automated Test Systems

Custom Data Analysis

Instrument Drivers

Motion Control

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